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Eilat Gordin Levitan

Eilat Gordin Levitan
This site is dedicated to the memory of the Jewish population from Dolhinov, Horodok, Krasne, Krivichi, Kurenets, Radoshokovichi, Rakov, Vashki, Vileyka, Vishnevo and Volozhin who perished during the Holocaust.

2 Horodok
3 Krasne
4 Krivichi
5 Kurenets
6 Radoshkovichi
7 Rakov
8 Vashki
9 Vileyka
10 Vishnevo
11 Volozhin
12 Maladzyechna
13 Lebedevo
14 Dunilovichi
15 Druya
16 Glubokoye
17 Kossovo
18 Postavy
19 Ilja
20 Ivie
21 Kaziany
22 Novogrudok
23 Olshan
24 Smorgon
25 Sharkovshchyzna
26 Minsk
27 Deretchin
28 Vilna
29 Kovno


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