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Jews in W�rzburg, 1900-1945 יהודי וירצבורג

Jews in W�rzburg, 1900-1945 יהודי וירצבורג

This database is an extract of over 13,000 individuals from Reiner Strהtz's Biographisches Handbuch Wrzburger Juden 1900-1945 (Wrzburg 1989, two volumes), a collective biographical dictionary of Jews living in Wrzburg, Lower Franconia, Germany, in the early 20th century.

מאגר זה מכיל פרטים אודות כ 13,000 מיהודי וירצבורג פרנקוניה התחתונה גרמניה במאה ה-20

The capital of Lower Franconia, Bavaria, S central Germany, on the Main River, Wurzburg was originally a Celtic settlement and was made an episcopal see by St. Boniface in 741. The city was severely damaged during World War II, especially in March 1945 when, on one night, 226 allied Lancaster bombers dropped over 1,000 tons of bombs destroying 80 percent of the city and killing some 5,000 people


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